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It all began in 1952 when Saverio Mondini at a very young age started the activity of metal- construction. A gradual and steady development let the founder in 1985 to transform its individual firm in SA. In 1988, the share capital is increased to CHF 500'000.-.

The Mondini SA, a family owned company in Ticino and active in the field of metallic construction and general carpentry, has at its disposal 4500 m2 of covered property for production, and it is S2 certified according to the SIA 161/.1 standard.

Over the years the company has specialized in sheet metal processing with products such as tanks, vats and containers for many different uses, especially for the collection of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. On the 1st of January 2005 Mondini Engineering SA is founded by Stefano Mondini, the first son of Saverio Mondini, to continue the production of Mondini products, leaving Mondini SA in charge of the real estate activity.

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