Eco Dome

SEMI-UNDERGROUND CONTAINER ECO DOME Only 1/3 of this container is visible above ground. The system consists of a highly resistant concrete liner and a galvanized steel container whose construction allows easy and quick emptying by the use of standard hoisting systems.Semi-undergrounds are particularly efficient in areas that have a cold climate, are on a slope or in a rural environment.The visible part can be customized to fit the surrounding environment.


SEMI-UNDERGROUND CONTAINER SMART this is the semi-underground container for waste collection made of HD polyethylene (produced by using rotational technology), completely waterproof, impact resistant and UV Ray proof. The surface finishing is dark grey, granite effect, but may be provided in several different colours. The outer container, made of HD polyethylene, is conical in shape, and is made to drastically reduce the effects of the pressure of the ground and to optimize transport. The lid of the container is made from the same material. The domed lid, is always in HD polyethylene and shaped with a hole for the placement of specific types of waste. It is designed to sit firmly on the top of the container thus preventing waste leakage, rainwater penetration and prevent odours from escaping.


The container Eureka: instead of having an iron lid like the Ecodome container, the Eureka lid is made from high density polyethylene.
The diameter is slightly smaller, so it occupies less space and it is less bulky also visually speaking.
The concrete finish is smooth. Variants obtainable: washed concrete, fake stone, wood imitation.

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