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The 1st Mai 2017 Mondini Trading SA, firm from region Ticino (Switzerland) and active in the metal-constructions field celebrated the 65th year of activity.  An excellent goal for a family-owned company that is grown in the last years until it became an international operating firm.

The history:

The firm was founded in 1952 from Giuseppe Saverio Mondini, who began his activity in Tesserete as blacksmith, producing coat racks and hat pegs. In the following years the firm develop itself, and considering the market opportunities it specialized in the sheet metalworking, manufacturing tanks, spill containments products, and various metal containers for the most different purposes.
1997 is the year that revolutionized the social purpose of the firm. Saverio’s son Stefano Mondini foresaw the importance that at a global level would have had the waste collecting field. Thus, he decided to use the firm’s know-how to design and manufacture innovative containers for the waste collecting. The intuition was the right one, and it brought Mondini to an exponential growth in the Waste Management field.
Nowadays Mondini offers a large selection of containers, any of each designed to grant the best efficiency and urban and environmental integration. The various models were designed and studied with a great care of details, with a focus in innovation and continuous improvements in favour of the collectivity. The Swiss Quality is certified from the SUVA institution, that grants the safety and the mode of operation.

Mondini products

Mondini manufactures underground containers, half-underground containers and above ground containers, depending on the customer’s need. An excellent after-sales service, that allows assistance and extraordinary or regular maintenance service.
Let’s have a closer look to Mondini’s products:
Underground containers:
The innovative ecoTOPline selection of underground containers,
perfect for residential areas and they represent the best alternative solution to the traditional waste collecting. They are built with the highest quality materials, designed for collecting any waste type and thanks to their customization, they can be adapted to any type of environment.

Every underground container is composed of a monolithic reinforced concrete element, 100% watertight and virtually inalterable during the years, a galvanized metal container of different volume possibilities, a safety-platform that avoid accidental fall inside of the container during the emptying operations, and a top-bin available in different models depending on the aesthetic requirements as well as the surrounding urban environment.  The main top-bin models are: “Ticino” (the best-seller), “Lugano”, “Dolphin”, “Terra”

Half-underground containers:

These are the half-underground containers
the visible portion above ground is only 1/3 of the total height,
they are particularly suited for cold climate environments,
where there is high terrain’s slope as well as in rural environments.
This system is composed of one monolithic reinforced concrete element, 100% watertight and inalterable from the years, a galvanized metal container, which is designed to be quickly emptied with a standard hook system. Furthermore, it can be customized with a tilting inox door, openable with a handle.

Above ground containers:

And here they are the UrbanLine, that thanks to their protective coating, they can be customizable with a large selection of colors, depending on the customer’s need.
Since 2012 is available the wood-looking variant, very well suited for natural backgrounds.
Mondini is exclusive producer for above- and under- ground containers for the company TEXAID Textilverwertungs SA from Schattdorf (Switzerland), whose core business is the ecological collection of used clothes.
The good partnership between the two firms granted a good business growth and a higher consciousness of the people, thanks to the installation in Switzerland territory of underground containers for the used clothes.
In May 2012 Mondini did a “Open Day” in occasion of the celebration of an important 60th year of business. The event was a nice moment where the 3 generations of Mondini’s Family were together with the representatives of people active in the technical/environmental field.
Town hall representatives from Ticino as well as many representatives of consortiums and other groups participated at the event.
During the two days, presentations and demonstrations were made, as well as interesting and advantageous investment proposals.
Today, despite the difficulties due to the recent market evolution, Mondini goes on with tenacity and perseverance.

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