Generic turning works.



Up to 10 mm thickness x 2,500 mm.




Wire electrode, TIG and MIG.



Printing of incisions and embossed molding.




Under-powder welds.

Metallic structures.

Moulds prefabbricated concrete elements.



Metal sheet bending

Up to 420 ton x 5 meters.



Industrial sandblasting

Plant sandblast with automatic recover max 1600 x 3000 H.

Max workpiece weight 6 tons Length up to 20 meters.

After sandblasting we also primed and / or finished.



Punching and nibbling

Maximum size 1,500 x 4,000 mm.


Profiles bending

For profiles up to tons 120/120/13.
For various profiles, handrails for or round sections with diameter 2 1/2" winding staircase.



Oxygen and plasma cutting

Sizes up to 8000 x 3000 mm. All shapes.

Ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Program developments of all kinds. curves, hoppers, branches, grafting, others. Speed. Clean cuts and precise.

Plates in Stock: 360 Fe thickness. up to 50 mm. Steel W 1.4301, thick. up to 5 mm.

Thick galvanized. up to 3 mm.


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