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Underground containers

ecoTOPline Ticino, Dolphin

Semi-underground containers

Eco Dome, Eureka models

Above ground containers

Urban Line

Wheelie Bins


Mondifix, Rods


Prismatic, Cylindrical, Containment, Drainage pipes

Underground containers

Innovative and functional, Mondini's underground containers are an alternative solution to traditional refuse collection. In residential areas, 1 container will replace up to 6 wheel bins. The ecoTOPline underground system consists of a prefabricated waterproof concrete housing, a safety platform, a container and an attractive Top Bin.

Our underground containers are made to the highest specifications (aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel) thus ensuring low maintenance costs. To adapt aesthetically to your environment, we offer several models of Top Bins which can be customized to your requirements. Each model can be fitted to receive different types of refuse. The anti-slip pedestrian platform is available in several finishes: rubber, aluminum, paving and so on.


Top Bin


Top Bin


Top Bin


Top Bin


List of stickers for our bins

Semi-underground containers

Our semi-underground containers

Eco Dome




Above ground containers

Our above ground containers

Urban Line

Urban model

Urban Line

Wood model

Urban Line

Basic model

Armadietto con rolladen

For fuel pump stations use

Container for Oil (double drum)

Container for Oil (single drum)

Container for batteries

Wheelie Bins

Our wheelie bins

Standard container

Urban Solid Waste

Wheelie Bin 120 lt


About Us

Our story and milestones

  • 1952

    First generation

    Activity started in 1952 as an individual company. It specialized in the field of metallic construction.

  • 1988

    Waste and Ecology Products

    In 1988 the activity changed and became a public limited company and the company changed its core business: waste collecting and ecology products (Underground containers and metal containers).

  • 2005

    Second generation

    Mondini largely increased its exports and started business with Norway, Denmark, France, Germany and other european nations

  • 1st Mai 2017

    Mondini Trading

    The 1st Mai 2017 Mondini Trading SA, firm from region Ticino (Switzerland) and active in the metal-constructions field celebrated the 65th year of activity. An excellent goal for a family-owned company that is grown in the last years until it became an international operating firm.

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Mondini has various vehicles suitable for carrying services, the laying on site, the maintenance on the places. They are distinguished according to the different needs of application, from the transport of the small container to the concrete housings directly on the site, by specialized vehicles and professional dedicated cranes.

We offer an after-sales service at the highest levels, with technically qualified staff for all your needs and requirements.

The ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to the containers is a service that characterizes Mondini, as is proposed, tailored according to the needs of the applicant. Among other facilities, it also gives the emptying of containers for batteries in the territory of the Canton of Ticino.


Truck Astra

Truck Astra

Truck Master

Truck Master



Forklift with trailer

Forklift with trailer

Toyota Dyna

Toyota Dyna

VW Transporter

VW Transporter

Crane lorry works

Works with crane lorry, for instance installation of underground containers.




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About Us

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Mondini Company


Underground container 5m³ with hydraulic lifting

Short clip - emptying

Factory and processing

Advertising video

Differences between systems

Traditional and Mondini's innovative system

Comparison of emptying

Underground containers between competitors

Emptying in Lugano

Mondini's underground container


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Type - examination certificate no. 6993.e

Trucks for garbage collection

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Crane lorry works

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This page shows the list of nations with whom we have business relationships relating to the supply of containers for waste collection.

 Saudi Arabia

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